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  • I like to train at Kickside Martial Arts because there is always a sense of healthy respect between students and teachers, hard work and a balance of body and mind. I always get a great workout when I go to class!"

    Mohamed Bahri
    [ Red Belt ]


    Training at Kickside has given me an identity... I have a way to describe myself and I take pride in it. Taekwondo has become part of my life and will always be part of my life.

    Juhi Kapadia
    [ 2nd Dan Black Belt ]

Martial Arts NJ, Montgomery, Princeton,  Skillman, Rocky Hill, Hopewell, Hillsborough, Belle Mead, Kendall Park, South Brunswick, East Amwell

Teen's Program

Kickside Martial Arts will make you the best Black Belt you can be! Whether you are looking to gain strength, confidence, or endurance, our courses will give you the tools you need to kick higher, punch harder, and move faster.

  • Board Breaking: Test your technique and strength by focusing your knowledge on wood or brick. This aspect of our curriculum empowers you to overcome mental barriers and gain confidence in the power you have learned to harness through your training.
  • Traditional Training: Go back to the original way of Korean training.
    Includes hard-style self-defense patterns, deep stances, full-power kicks, full-power punches, and the mental challenge that you cannot get from a gym.
  • Sparring/Fight Training: The most intense cardiovascular workout available. Challenge your martial art skills against a live opponent, in a controlled environment. This allows you to increase reflexes, speed, and gain confidence in a confrontation.
  • Modern Training: The most realistic fighting style. Kickside incorporates
    up-to-date Martial Art innovations to keep our style on the cutting edge.
  • Self-Defense: Learn to protect yourself, your family, and your friends. Kickside uses concept builders and partner drills to help you master the ability to escape or control any situation.
  • Target Drills: Unleash your body's potential! Working with partners and targets, learn the most effective and powerful way to execute a technique.
  • Stretching: Vertical kicks and full splits are within your grasp. Stretching is done during each class and will help you protect your body from everyday injury. Gain flexibility, a necessary advantage for all martial artists, by pushing your body to its limits.
  • Weapons: Master the art of chucks, bo staff, escrima, sword, and other weapons.


Martial Arts NJ, Montgomery, Princeton,  Skillman, Rocky Hill, Hopewell, Hillsborough, Belle Mead, Kendall Park, South Brunswick, East AmwellTeen classes are offered 6 days A week.

Get started today and take your next step towards getting in the best shape of your life.


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Monday 6/1
Zoom Link (Same password as Green/Blue Belt Classes - check your emails)
5:00 pm: For Sr. Red not testing in June
6:00 pm: For Sr. Red eligible in June 

Friday 6/5
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3:00 pm: Black Belt Weapons
4:00 pm: Black Belt Open Hand
5:00 pm: Intermediate Rank Open Hand Forms
The virtual tournaments are good practice for testing, but they do not count towards black belt tournament credits.

Saturday 6/6, 11AM for ALL
11:00 am: Green & Sr. Green, Livestorm automated link to come
11:00 am: Blue & Sr. Blue, Livestorm automated link to come
11:00 am: Black Belt Live Seminar, Zoom Link (Same pw as White/Yellow Classes - check your emails or contact us)

Thursday 6/11
Zoom Link (Same password as White/Yellow Classes - check your emails)
4:00 pm: For senior red belts who need a stripe or are eligible to test in June

Friday 6/12 (Note: We are using 2 different Zoom links)
3:00 pm: White – Sr. Yellow, Zoom Link (Same pw as White/Yellow Classes)
4:00 pm: Green & Sr. Green, Zoom Link (Same pw as White/Yellow Classes)
3:00 pm: Blue & Sr. Blue, Zoom Link (Same pw as Green/Blue Classes)
4:00 pm: Brown – Red, Zoom Link (Same pw as Green/Blue Classes)

Saturday 6/20, White – Red ONLY
Virtual links to be provided. We will offer live testing option, if permitted
11:00 am: White - Sr. Yellow Belts
11:30 am: Green – Blue Belts
12:15 pm: Brown – Red
*Sr. Red and Black Belts levels require a live testing.* Therefore, we will run that testing one week after we are allowed to reopen for in-person classes. Please be vigilant in checking your email (and spam folders). Information will also be posted to the website.

March 16 – May 31, 2020*
Updated schedule available here.
*Due to COVID-19 social distancing mandates we will be holding online classes only for the time being. Information and updates will be posted as decisions are passed by state and federal officials. Please continue to be attentive to further communication in the event of changes.

Click the belt level links below for easy access to your Zoom class.
White – Sr. Yellow Belts Link
Little Kicker Link
Green – Sr. Blue Belts Link
Brown Belts & Above Link
MMA Link
You MUST set Zoom user to students' name and ID number. If your user name is generic (i.e. "iPad or "Joe's Computer") or someone else's name, you will not be admitted for class. This is due to a high incidence of "zoombombing." (Entering Zoom meeting ID directly into your "Join" window, instead of clicking the links, will allow more flexibility to update your user name).
Each class has a waiting room, from which an instructor needs to let you into the class. The instructors will manually enter your student ID to the attendance software before letting you in. Please be patient. You will be locked out of class if you log in late (just like with regular classes) so we will open up the waiting room 5–10 minutes before class start time and lock the class once we get started (approx. 6 minutes later).

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Click here to download the online attendance card.
Just submit a picture of you/your student with the completed online attendance card and tag us on social media. The 10 students with the most points each week will win a free private lesson!