Our Instructors


Our instructors are all highly qualified, NJMAA tested, trained, and certified. All instructors are fully insured and personally trained by our Chief Instructor, Master John Kanabay.

Master Kanabay has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, 20+ years of those in Montgomery. He holds black belts in TaeKwonDo, Karate, and HaiDong Gumdo. He has advanced training in full contact fighting, grappling, Aikido, escrima, nunchuckas, bo staff and sword. He continues to find ways to inspire and support the local community. He holds multiple champion belts in competitive breaking and runs tournaments across the nation to advance the sport.

Miss Reed has been training in martial arts for over 20 years, starting her training under Master Kanabay at the age of 6. She has won multiple title belts as an atom weight mixed martial arts fighter and is currently training for her professional debut in the fall of 2019. She is an active military member, serving as US Army Reserve Commander in NJ.

New Jersey Martial Arts Alliance

Kickside Martial Arts instructors are certified by the New Jersey Martial Arts Alliance (NJMAA), a state-based martial arts association dedicated to providing the highest quality martial art instruction.


CLOSED May 27-29

2 week Review 
6/1 @ Princeton 6:30pm
2 day Review 
6/15 @ your home location

May 30 - June 3
All green belt & up classes (all ranks Adult/Teens) will be breaking during classes this week. Boards can be ordered through the KickShop prior to breaking week, in bundles of 25. Click here for more information on breaking week.

June 10th and 11th.
Register early and save: register.newjerseymaa.com
Divisions will include: Traditional Forms, One Step Sparring, Point Sparring, Weapons Division, Board Breaking, and Mixed Martial Arts

Saturday 6/17
Location: Kickside Montgomery/Princeton
1225 State Rd, Princeton
(Outdoors, weather permitting)

White - Sr. Yellow 9:00pm
Green - Sr. Blue 10:00am
Brown - Black Belts 11:00am

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