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Secondary Testing - July 31st at Hillsborough

July 31, 2021

Secondary testing is for all eligible students, White through Sr. Brown, who were not promoted at the June primary testing. Testing Times 10:00 am: White – Sr. Yellow 10:45 am: Green & Up VIRTUAL: Please contact your location to arrange a special virtual testing option. Brown belts and above must break boards at this testing.  Green belts and above will have a sparring component to their testing. Gear is required. A testing list will be posted in the lobby with eligible students. Find your name and fill out a testing application. Click here for a printable testing application.  All Senior Yellow Belts testing for Green Belt at Secondary Testing need to order sparring gear. This will ensure it arrives in time for them to train with the required equipment. Click here for the sparring gear order form.
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July 31 at Kickside of Hillsborough
10:00 am: White – Sr. Yellow
10:45 am: Green & Up 
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