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Breaking Week: September 27 – October 2, 2021

September 27, 2021

Green belts and up (all ranks Adult/Teen class) will be breaking boards in classes September 27 – October 2, 2021. Board breaking allows students to expand their training by testing techniques on a simulated opponent. The theory being, good technique will break a board.  Boards may be ordered through Kickside in bundles of 25 through the Hillsborough KickShop | Montogmery KickShop or purchased at a local lumber yard. Details on sizes, grain direction and other breaking week tips are available on the board breaking page. Board pre-order discount pricing is available through September 22nd. A limited number of stock stacks will be made available for purchase during breaking wee. Any boards ordered through the KickShop will be made available on the first day of breaking week, at the location from which you ordered.  Note: Brown belts and above will need to bring boards for breaking at the October testing. Please factor this in when buying boards. **Do not put boards in your gear bag. Doing so will damage the bag.**
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FALL CLASS SCHEDULES - Full Uniforms Required
Effective Tuesday, September 7th (9/13 for Virtual)
Click here to view the IN-PERSON FALL 2021 schedule for Montgomery.

Click here to view the IN-PERSON FALL 2021 schedule for Hillsborough.

Click here to preview the VIRTUAL SUMMER 2021 schedule.
Click here to preview the VIRTUAL FALL 2021 schedule (Effective Date 9/13)

Click here for M/W webinar registration link.

September 27 – October 2
Order boards on the KickShop for delivery 9/27 at your location.
Kickshop Montgomery
Kickshop Hillsborough

October 9
Limited enrollment, belt-specific reviews for testing curriculum.
Times and details to come. Sign up will be available on the KickShops.

Due September 16th
Senior Yellow Belts and Black Belt Candidates (Sr. Red) who need to order new gear, should do so by September 16th. Ordering available on the KickShop.

September 16th, 7:00 pm at Kickside of Hillsborough
All Sr. Red Belts should attend.

October 16 at Kickside of Montgomery
Times and full details to come

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